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Grand Mere Rifle & Pistol Club Membership

GMRPC is accepting applications for new memberships.


Member Benefits

The club is open to members 24/7/365.

Membership is $90 per year.


  • Members are allowed to bring their guests to the club but remember... Members are responsible for all guest(s) activities, you are the acting RSO (range safety officer) while at the club shooting.

  • There is a NO SMOKING policy in the club.

  • The club offers it's members a variety of firearm safety and firearm related training, including Concealed Pistol License, Range Safety Officer, Certified RSO, Home Defense and ammunition reloading classes.

  • The club is equipped with training aids including an overhead projector, 48" flat-screen HDTV, high-speed internet/Wi-fi, and 100% LED indoor lighting, heated range, new heating/AC unit in the club meeting room adds to the members comfort.

  • As a Member you will get discounted pricing on classes being held at the club.

  • Heated club house and range, along with a new range ventilation system.

  • Club Security: The club does have security cameras through out the interior of the club and outside as well for the security not only to the club, but it's members as well.

  • When scheduled events planned for the club (e.g. shooting leagues, CPL classes, etc..) the club/range will be closed for open shooting.


If you are interested in joining, simply download a copy of our membership form by simply clicking the PDF form below.

Bring the membership form to one of our monthly club meetings

(1st Monday of every month, unless if falls on a Holiday, then it will be on the following Monday)

Club meetings begin promptly at 7:30pm.

Our CRSO (Chief Range Safety Officer) will then, setup a time with you to meet at the club for orientation before you are voted in on the next months club meeting.

 If you have further questions,
Click Here
and fill out the contact form. 
We are looking forward to meeting you and having you join our club.

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