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Grand Mere Rifle & Pistol Club are now offering CPL classes

instructed by Certified USCCA Instructors.
Scott Fishburn - USCCA & NRA Certified Instructor / CRSO

Mark Sanders - USCCA Certified Instructor / RSO

"Developing a personal & home protection plan is a key component of not only preparing for how we should react if confronted by a violent crime but also how

we might avoid violent crime in the first place."


When attending a USCCA course we will cover these topics.

* Developing a Personal & Home Protection Plan.

* Self-Defense Firearm Basics.

* Shooting Fundamentals.

* The Legal Use of Force.

* Violent Encounters & Their Aftermath.

* Gear & Gadgets.

* Basic & Advanced Skills.


Every student will receive a copy of this excellent book written by the USCCA's Chief Instructor Michael Martin.  Michael is one of the most creative communicators in the firearm industry.

Already have your CPL and would like a copy of the book?  Books are also available for individual sale as well for $27.95

For more information, Click Here to email one of our instructors.


The state of Michigan recognizes The United States Concealed Carry Associations course and training for students to obtain their Michigan
Concealed Pistol License, (aka) CPL.
This class is an 9-10 hr. course.  We do ask that you plan your day accordingly.  Breaks and a lunch time will be given throughout the day.


The state of Michigan requires students to attend 5 hrs. classroom time and 3 hrs. shooting range time.  Students attending this class are required to bring a firearm (pistol), a minimum of 100 rounds of ammo for that firearm, hearing and eye protection.


We look forward to meeting you and having you attend one of our classes.


To pre-register for a class, Click Here.


To learn more about who the USCCA is, click here to visit their website.
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