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Dear SJVRP Association Members,


It is time once again to renew your membership. Fees are due October 1.


Attached is the current membership Update Form. This year, as opposed to previous years, I ask that you fill out ALL information requested on the form. I will then check this against the information I have (from previous records) for all members. This has not been done to my knowledge for a few years. 


Recall that the SJVRP Bylaws require that everyone be a current NRA member. 


With the exception of honorary members and members who are providing various logistics and exemplary support services to the Association, the regular membership fee is $40, which includes one league. Additional leagues are $10 each. The annual gate key rental is $35. 


No cash payments will be accepted. Acceptable forms of payment are check or money order, made payable to "SJVRP".


Instructions on where to mail your check are on the Update Form. Please don't forget to send the completed Update Form with your check.


Good shooting,


Tim Ovaert

SJVRPA Finance Director

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